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Best cheats and codes for your game

Mobile strike is a modern action war game where you have to fight against the enemies in the battlefield. It is a defence game where you can train your commander power and use troops, helicopters to defeat your enemies. The strength of the game lies in the team work so you can join in this epic game with other players to fight against with your enemies. So this multiplayer game is popular among youngsters.

Mobile strike cheats for android and ios

Want to get unlimited resources in mobile strike? Don’t wait! Here is a tool called mobile strike hack cheat online tool where you can get not only premium VIP access but also unlimited gold, food and silver coins. The most important resources you need in this game are gold. Mobile strike cheat generator is available in online for free so people from all over the world visit this website to increase the unlimited gold. You can gain gold by using the cheats and boost your commander ratings and become powerful commander. The cheats are available on all android, ios phone devices so there is no need for you to download any mobile strike mod asks. Enter the cheat codes which is easy to hack the mobile strike so you can see all cheats available in the generator and you can use the cheat codes many times there is no limit to use . This tool does not ask you to enter your personal details so it is 100% safe and secured. The greater advantage of downloading mobile strike cheat tool is you need not have to root or jailbreak your device. Players can generate infinite coin if they understand the mobile strike concept and cutting edge software. Mobile strike cheats are user friendly interface and protected with anti- ban.

Snapchat hack has now disappeared with the decrease in its users.

Like of all other social working site like of whatapp, facebook, viber snapchat was a leading video and photos .According to the statistics as of may 2015, the app had users of 2 billion who send photos and videos per day.

The use of this app was to send photos, record video, add filter, sketch overlay, Lens, text, and send them to a list of recipients. These photographs and videos were known as snaps. Users could set a time limit to how long the snap can be viewed by them. The app later created a way to which users can make their snaps into stories. The snaps can set privacy to a set of users and a time limit was also set by which the snaps will be deleted. The friends could also add and search users by usernames, snap codes, phone contacts.

This app was hacked on December 31 2013.The companies announced that a new feature was added to the app and this features presented only a minor obstacles. This hacking was done to put public pressure on snapchat. The public asked them to solve the vulnerability. Some of the users posted a review that they were not bothered about the hack.

After snapchat hack a photo statement about the hack, the reliability of the app were highly questioned. Later the founder tweeted that an updated version will soon come out, with some features were added like of the find friend features.

The easiest way to hack this app was a hack bundle for whatapp and seeing its response about downloads and comments. The hacking tool can hack someone’s account in just few steps. The tool enables us to see conversation by just entering the number of the victim

Thus hacking has made the social networking site a fear place for users in today’s world to main secure and safe while chatting.

Need to Top in Strike?

Mobile strike was first produced by Epic war. The cheat or Hack is manufactured to make the user’s wealth and life to get unleash. Mobile strike, is a type of war game which no matter us use cheat or what? Some users play with the given resources and life .But some may use the cheats which make them to get unlimited resources and life to the soldiers. Using the Mobile strike cheats you can head your nation and make your resources or raw materials unlimited. Initially you will be provided with the small base. The enemies can attack your troop if you don’t have your defence properly. So cheats can be used and make the resources unlimited and make the commander best and make his life unlimited. Using the cheats you can make unbeatable records and some are listed

  • Can play with more players in online worldwide.
  • Strengthen your units and base
  • Get machines to grab information’s.
  • Train the soldiers.
  • Use modern combat vehicles and others strategic vehicles against enemies to defeat.
  • Automatic updates.
  • Unlimited gold and VIP.

The cheat codes are better than the tools which we use in online, because,

  • No need to download the extra tool to play.
  • No need of jail break or root.
  • No viruses.

Using the cheats you can acquire special items like Food, oil, ammos, coins, iron, gold, special shield, attack boosts, more bonus, to build a strong base and strong commander. The aim of the game is not to build a good base but also a good commander. You can get unlimited gold and VIP that enables you the entire game. The cheat has an anti-Ban system and proxy for maximum safety. The cheat works immediately than the tool which makes a difficult one to get download and install before using the hackbut on using cheat it woks instantly and efficient for the players.